Web and Mobile paradigms for holochain

I have built the Hello World application and have a good understand of the concepts. I am left with a few qeustions in regards to deployment, the conductor API, and web or Mobile UIs. There seems to be a robust overload of information out there that becomes very overwhelming.

Each user and there respective happ should be on thier devices so how can we build a web application unless the happ and holochain backend resides on the user device this doesnt seem intuitive?

Is there a way to deploy seprate server instance for each user in linux environment to self host thier version of the happ.

Scenario 1
I.e user 1 in USA has happ on thier seprate linux server instance with access via api or direct to a web or native mobile ui (React native). Server 2 in england has her happ totally differnt server instance with access to thier ui and so forth…

Scenario 2
Multiple user have an happ and ui on thier mobile device with zomes that do NOT let them talk to each other but to a dedicated authorized happ on the network (many to one)

Scenario 3

Users have a decoupled ui and application on thier device that allows them access to thier happ network on some server or muliple servers simular to github with ui access via the conductor api.

Are any of these Scenarios viable as now if so can anyone poi t me in the right direction to information explaining how we build for webb and mo ile with halochain in these regards please?

Also how to we go about deployment outside of not using holo desktop tools i.e holoport for our own private instance, on our own servers or devices for production?