We need a visual explanation like Dat Protocol

This by far is the best example of documentation I have ever seen to explain a really difficult concept https://datprotocol.github.io/how-dat-works/
Is there any chance of getting some documentation like this?

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The Dat Protocol has great documentation. We are working on revamping our documentation.

Can you expand on “getting some documentation like this?” Which part specifically? What makes the Dat Protocol so great, or as you mentioned, the “best example of documentation?”

@dhtnetwork it’s very visual, lots of diagrams.
From what I understand of holochain, it could also be done this way.

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We plan to create more visuals and diagrams. Duncan worked on the Dat Protocol documentation. It’s a challenge to find someone who has a strong technical background, but is also creative. If you know anyone who may be a good fit, please send them my way. I’ll be happy to review resumes/portfolios.

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Why not ask Duncan?

I have talked to Duncan. His quote was out of our budget/range.

How about these guys https://cryptographics.info/about/

I’ll check them out. Thank you for the mention.

We’re also working on it in-house; here’s a sample: https://hackmd.io/@XYOAnQcjRD-lWNVnC2p2GA/rJJbk6yoN?type=view


I’d particularly like to see some simple GIFs that show the flows involved in mutual credit and also interactions with a DHT.


Yes, the doc on HackMD is readable to a surprising degree!

Yes that’s awesome. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
Is there any more available?

@sachaweb aw shucks, I’m really grateful to hear that. Thank you! :pray:

@Flip hm, did the nav links at the bottom of the page not work? If so, here’s the table of contents. Not all articles are finished, and the graphics still need a fair bit of work.

My mind is blown🤯. I can’t wait until it’s all finished.


@pauldaoust what’s happening with these tutorials?

The first four are up at https://developer.holochain.org/docs/tutorials/coreconcepts/ – or do I misunderstand your question?