We-Guild, a "social safety network" is looking for co-founders

Hi all,

I wanted to share this info about a really interesting social safety network project. As far as I know they aren’t currently building on Holochain, but they’re very early on in development and looking for collaborators, and everything they’re doing seems like a perfect fit for Holochain both technically and in terms of values, so if you’re motivated to contribute you could probably convince them. I have corresponded with one of the co-founders, Guillermo Justel, and he is intrigued to more fully understand how Holochain may fit his vision for We-Guild.

I just received a call-out for co-founders from them today, which I’ll copy here:

"We-Guild is a new start-up project to develop a reputation and trust-based online platform (SaaS) co-op for people to chip in for each other when in need. It’s primarily aimed at self-employed people who need sick-pay protection but it could be used by anyone who wants to join with others to pull their resources together this way

What’s the (short term) plan?

To get a group of people that will become the co-founders of We-Guild Co-op once it incorporates as a multi-stakeholder platform co-operative. From there we’ll go through everything involved in taking us to the point of gathering funds to develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that We-Guild can be launched and tested. After that, the sky is the limit!

Who are we looking for?

Anyone with passion and belief in the We-Guild project and the co-operative ethos and who is willing to volunteer some time towards its completion.

On top of that the following skills are a nice plus:

  • Experience/awareness in co-operative working settings; financial literacy; experience with tech start-ups (especially SaaS)

And the following is a big massive plus!

  • Coding/programming skills (full-stack, especially app/webapp and knowledge of workings of digital wallets)

Location Being in London is an advantage but if you live somewhere else we’re sure we’ll make it work (it’ll be a platform co-operative after all!)"

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Hi. How can i be of help. Im a java developer. Is there anyway that i can contribute with my time and programming skills…:hugs:

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@darkenergy Wonderful! Write to contact@we-guild.co.uk if you’re interested to contribute :smiley:

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Thanks. Will do…🖒🤝