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We are qualified by the SEC as public! We are building the secondary exchange for shares (no different than tokens) Seeking Hleaders to be a part of this project

Team Size: 16 on the business size, including 1 CTO with zero crypto experience.

Our staff is not on the forum but can be seen here:
360sportsinc dot com/content/staff
(the site won’t let me post links)

Description: We are working to build a secondary market place for buying and selling shares in our Reg A qualified public companies. This platform is scalable to hundreds and thousands of public companies in the United States through our own in house broker-dealer. 90% complete. We just need the platform for trading that adheres to SEC law, especially Know your customer and anti-money laundering. We do have approved procedures in place and the attraction to holochain is the compliance with the aforementioned laws.

Resources: Please go to 360SportsInc dot com (Cant post links here) and click on the Investor information link to see the SEC qualification (first qualified in 2016) We are in the process of seeking approval for the second qualification of public stock for $20 million. THIS IS NOT An ICO OR any other form of coin offering. We feel it’s better to not mention tokens, coins, blockchain etc. Instead, we feel it’s best to implement holochain publicizing it.

Similar app or site: Please look at Stargtengine.com a well-established Crowdfunding site. You will see that they raise capital for both CF and SEC qualified companies. We are doing the same thing on the Regulation A focus and already have a system in place for receiving capital. Because we are qualified, our shareholders are already permitted to sell their shares to the general public, legally. We want to manage this process through Holochain so we can create a “points” type international sponsorship program, where we can assign youth and amateur sports teams “points” that can be cashed in, in exchange for ticket sales, apparel sales, sponsorship sales, etc. 360 Sports Inc is a well-established company and provides factory and tech direct supply of the aforementioned products. Therefore, It doesn’t cost us anything to provide sponsorship and ticket sales, our costs for apparel sales are minimal and by offering these, not for free, but as a real sponsorship where the teams can convert the “points” to cash and use the cash to operate the team. Our company will not be at risk of losing anything however we do gain the business of the team to market apparel, ticket, and sponsorship sales in their local markets, regardless of location and affluence.

I am at…: We are 90% complete. We just need the ability for shareholders to buy and sell their shares.

This can be one of the following:
Proof of concept : DONE! Please see 360SportsX dot com. Transactions are already taking place. We would like to switch from what we have to holochain for reasons described in the description above.

Design and implementation: We are seeking help in this category.

Fund rasing: We are able to receive capital right now. We need help developing the holochain with an accountable person/team vested in the project as we grow. This is not something that can be outsourced. There is too much risk. Anyone looking to join our team and lead and manage this project through completion?

Thank you!


Hello Rob, awesome to see your interest in using Holochain for this venture!

Could you give us some more details for this project? E.g.:

  • timeframe
  • budget
  • etc

This could be a cool project, so look forward to your further details.

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Thanks for the Reply:
Timeframe: ASAP. I do not know if someone has created a succesful holochain app for this.
Budget: This is an equity based position since it has to be an in house person. We will have to establish a salary for one or more people that it will require to manage this within our company.

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Please explain more here. What steps have you done? any design or architect? any user story or hApp feature list?

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