Ways to host large files for private sharing?

Hi, suppose we had a large scale social network built on holochain. Thinking about how we could host large files (eg video) that users want to share privately with friends, but not publicly.

I remember advice some time ago to store large files in (e.g.) IPFS, not in holochain DHTs directly. In this case, we could encrypt the file before storing in IPFS, and store the decryption key in holochain.

I am concerned that encrypting large files would be too inefficient and limit scaling. Thus wondering if people have ideas for other approaches to solve the same problem?

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cache files to private source chain and store the most used most often / public entries to DHT for redundancy

currently no privacy built in (working on it) but however if you require say biometric login or some other Sybil verification, then membrane is limited to restricted members and therefore DHT shared info remains within the tribe. ie encryption or irl verification enabled

hope this is helpful @Holochain @dhtnetwork correct me if im wrong

could also randomly hash entries and use xyz gossip protocol for redundancy plus recommended pseudo-centralized hierarchical encryption authority

also may not be a bad idea to set time limits for stored data