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Want to share your perspective in the 'Intro to Holochain' workshop? 🤩 June 29/July 1?

Hello all.

We’re hosting an Intro to Holochain workshop on June 29/July 1 for Devcamp 8 participants (details here).

We’ll present an overview to Holochain, and also feature different engagement spaces, projects and dev-approaches. For these sessions we thought it would be nice to include different voices from the eco-system.

We’re imagining slots to be pretty small (5/10/15 minutes) so it’s not a big commitment. If you’d like to help out and if this interests you, drop a comment in the thread below. Or DM me and we’ll get back to you over the next few days.

You can share insights from projects you’re involved with, or spaces you’ve had experience with. If you’re excited about teaching some Holochain theory, that may be an option too!

Dates and times for the event are below (60-90 minutes each)
Tuesday June 29th - 13:00 (UTC)
Thursday July 1st - 13:00 (UTC).

Looking forward,


Hey @sidsthalekar, I’d be interested to do some kind of talk or workshop, but not sure yet what it could be. Will have to think about that. Are there others already determined?

Hey @bierlingm. So the content in this workshop is pretty straightforward. The first session will be more an overview to HC, the second will focus on individual projects. There’s a few people in mind, eager to hear how you’d like to contribute. I can loop you into the spreadsheet where this is being coordinated.

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Yes, please loop me into that. :smiley:

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I applied to join this two weeks ago. I received the following automated response: “Hello,
We’ve received your application for Holochain DevCamp 8.
Thank you! We will be in touch.
-DevCamp Team”

I’ve heard nothing yet.

That’s odd. I think emails were sent out to DevCamp 8 participants: @carolyn @bear

Nothing has reached me. I’ve checked all spam folders.

Hey John,

Sorry to hear nothing reached you – that’s weird. We sent out emails to all participants both for enrollment into DevCamp, to reset dates and an invitation for the Intro to Holochain event.

I will be sending reminder emails out today and I will look into what happened with your registration!

I apologize for the trouble and will be in touch soon. :slight_smile:



No problem. We can expect things always to run smoothly.

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