Virtual Get-Together TODAY 3/31 8:00 pm EST

Reminder! The next Virtual Get Together is today at 8:00pm EST

Join us and other members of the Holochain Community from around the globe as we connect and share in breakout rooms created by your topic suggestions. Some topics from our first session included:

  • Holochain 101
  • Building a business model for Holochain
  • Starting a Meetup Community
  • Currency Design/Metacurrency/Ceptr geeking out

We can’t wait to meet you!

Use this link to join!

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Hey Carolyn,

Great you are organizing online meetups for the Holochain community.

Are these Virtual Get Togethers also beneficial for non developers, eg HOT investors?

The timing is a bit out of reach for European participants starting after midnight.

I guess you have different time zones in mind.

Enjoy the call,


Yes, it is open to all! Non-techie folks and devs alike!

We switch time zones, so next time it’ll be good for Europe

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