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Very interesting convo between Arthur Brock and folks from DADA about NFTs, etc

Just wanted to share this video I started watching today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q26zJeISgog

Haven’t finished it yet, but very interesting so far.

There was no context given at the beginning of the video, but I gather it is a group of people from DADA.art chatting with Arthur about how Holochain is different from blockchain for their use-case.


FYI the conversation is 1 hour long, even though the video looks like it is more than 2 hours.


Thanks so much for posting this @Brooks!

I hadn’t heard of DADA.art (DADA blog) now I’m hooked on watching their meetings as they post them on YouTube and it’s all about what is value, governance, art, and a great session the other day about VR so been playing with new finds from that like vrland.io which is cool. Sold my VR headsets a few years back sadly :frowning: but looking forward to shiny new ones sometime soon :wink:

Today @guillemcordoba was with them doing a little data diagram copied from discussion forum architecture which reminded me very much of an old work colleague of mine from the ‘dotcom daze’ when I was part of a J2EE modular web app software startup called RemoteApps. A few years on from that he created “Phreadz: Social Media, Networking, and Conversations” - always remember him talking about “VITAL” - Video, Images, Text, Audio, Links - and how the threading of conversations was the most tricky not only because of the storage but also how to represent in the UI. Which is basically the same conversations as I saw today, can’t believe that was 2008, 13 years ago LOL! Of course there’s the difference of decentralisation and the tokenisation of value which are far greater conversations. The recording of @guillemcordoba’s DADA.art session is on YouTube here.

Also the project reminded me a little of when I built the back-end powering Nickelodeon Jr Colouring microsites for characters like Dora the Explorer, storing all the line art per user and sharing rules etc. Not quite as exciting as decentralised DADA art though!


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I am also listening to this youtube video.

Are these guys developing a Happ?