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Version locking when writing a mixin

Hi all, I’m going to share an experience about cargo dependencies I’ve had when writing reusable mixins and publishing them to crates.io.

I was having trouble when updating a happ that used my mixin to the newest holochain released version. The reason was that I was locking a particular holochain version in my Cargo.toml file, i.e. hdk = "=0.0.42-alpha3. This basically forced me to keep updating the mixin every time there is a new holochain release.

When trying not to lock to a particular version, i.e. hdk = "*" or hdk = "^0.0" cargo complained that it couldn’t resolve any compatible version, and I think that’s because it cannot interpret the alpha3 part of the version of the holochain crates.

I was just talking with @zippy and we settled on this solution: hdk = { git = "https://github.com/holochain/holochain-rust" }, until there is a new wave of holochain big releases (even crates reorganization) and then they will keep an eye on fixing the version name.