Verifiable Credential functions


I am looking into using Verifiable Credentials (VC, see Verifiable Credentials Data Model v1.1). My first use case would be:

  1. User A makes a VC public to other users (what would be the best method, it is kind of a public profile, is there a component for that already?)
  2. User B sends a message to User C, user C replies with a message that user A and user C are the same person (both keys controlled by one entity). As a proof, user A signs a VC stating this relationship. User C signs that VC as well.
  3. User B verifies the signatures and can now trust that user A and C are the same entity.

The happ would

  1. handle a registry of public profiles
  2. allow to exchange messages between users
  3. verify VCs

So, 3. is the most interesting part to me. I hope 1. and 2. are already solved.

Does it make sense? I assume DIDKit — Rust auth library // could be used in holochain, correct?