Vagrant shared Folder and vscode

Hi there,
I’m running vagrant+windows+virtualbox
The Hello Holo Tutorial, suggests we should create folders in ~/, when I do that I can sucessfully build everything.

However /~ is not a shared/sync folder in the host, only /vagrant (by default) is.
So I cannot access ~/ in windows using vscode.

Now what I tried:

  1. added to config.vm.synced_folder “/dev”, “/home/vagrant”, to vagrant file , when entering the vm says it failed to create symbolic link (C:\dev is the folder on the host/windows)

  2. Created a app on /vagrant, now I have access to the files in windows/vscode, but now when I try to compile (hc package), I always get error: linking with rust-lld failed: exit code: 1

  3. tried playing around with the hcbuild according to, without any luck.

  4. When sharing /home/vagrant I’m asked for a password ??

Prob it’s pretty simple, but I’m unable to figure out how can I access the folders in ~/, or have the app being built on the /vagrant folder… any idea guys ?

Nevermind, ended up installing everything in nixos

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I’m just working through this now.
With 1. I think C:\dev would need to exist first.
I’ll let you know how I go.