V0.2.1 Dev Docs Release: Dev Portal Homepage Redesign, New Tutorials, Streamlined Install Page, and more!

11/7/19 Dev Docs Release v0.2.1

  • We are LIVE!! The beautiful and improved Dev Portal homepage redesign v.0.1.0
  • Dev Portal Redesign Homepage and Core Concepts Announcement planned for 11/7 AM EST
  • This release includes the following:
    • [Removed] API build to docs.rs
    • [Updated]/Fix Circle CI
    • [Updated] Core Concept 6
    • [Updated] Streamlined Holochain install page
    • [Updated] Redesigned theme for docs pages
    • [Added] New Dev Portal Homepage
    • [Added] New Redirects
    • [Added] New Holochain Glossary (WIP)
    • [Added] Create a New App page
    • [Added] Hello World and Simple Micro Blog Tutorials (WIP)
    • Site: https://developer.holochain.org/
    • Created with Love and Care: Dev Empowerment Team