V0.0.31 of holonix shipped

new version of holonix is up v0.0.31

if you install hc using nix-env like this:

nix-env -f https://holochain.love -iA holochain.hc

or equivalent, then hc will run with a dedicated “micro nix-shell” including all the dependencies it needs for the commands it runs under the hood

e.g. when hc test uses cargo to compile wasm, npm to run the test harness and holochain conductor to test against, all of this works without needing to install any of these things manually with both nix-shell (always worked) and nix-env (didn’t work outside nix shell, which is kind of pointless)

note that nix-shell is still the recommended approach for general development, but if you aren’t comfortable/familiar with this then nix-env works much better now as an apt-get or brew analogy

also in this release is the 0.0.29-alpha2 binaries from core (belated due to an oversight upstream, but here they are)

qt was removed as it added ~1 hour to initial installation for those of us on australian tier internet, add pkgs.qt59.qmake anywhere in your downstream buildInputs if you need it…

also a few minor tweaks to the way that version pinning tests are handled to be more robust

reminder: you won’t see any of this until you update your pins for your repos as per https://docs.holochain.love/docs/configure/


also note that there is now a v at the start of the release tag, if you haven’t moved your pin in a while you probably are on 0.0.X and need to add the v in your ref in config.nix or you will see a 404 error