Using an hApp

Hi all,
I have background in coding and am an engineer but havent really ever done anything in app development or compiling and building an app from code. I need a little bit of hand holding in this if someone can point to a good thread on hApps category or anyplace else.
What I am looking for is: Take an app from gitlab, build it on my machine (OS X) and then try it out locally. Even for this seemingly simple thing, I need some direction. Along with this, if you can also point to Holochain based apps that I can do this with, it would be great. At this point, I know that Acorn is available on GitHub and other names are welcome too.
Thank you and please let me know if my question is not clear.
Looking forward to engaging more; this is just a start.

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I like this line from the Holo’s global adoption strategy article.
“Nothing matters more for Holo’s (and Holochain as a protocol) success than people learning how to build and then building Holochain applications that can and will be hosted on Holo.”
I think it is a good idea to hit the Gym sooner than later.

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