User Experience (UX) and Developer Experience (DX)

Hi everybody,

I follow the Holochain project since long time and as far as I understood the architecture is very promising for getting many people on boarded as a user through a regular browser.

However It seems the user experience is still not very good because the framework is slow so I would like to talk about that with people who know more and can answer. Maybe developers from the Holochain team or people participating to the closed alpha test.

Regarding the user experience (UX) nowadays, when we use any app we are now used to navigate and get anything fastly.

  • What is the current average time to validate an event such as a chat message or community app new thread?
  • What is your goal to reach about this response time?
  • Do you have tricks to share with the hApps developers in order to make the UX better for the final user?

Regarding the developer experience (DX) I think the work done by the team for offering a simple way to install the developer tools are very good but now the compilation time must be faster. As far as I understand the Wasmer will help for that. I understand that the first compilation when we have to set up all the dependencies is long, i’m not worried about this one because it’s the same with all the development frameworks. But i’m talking about the compilation time during the development of the DNA.

  • What is the current average compilation time of a simple app?
  • What is your goal to reach about this compilation time?

Thanks in advance.

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