US - North Carolina (Triangle Area) Meetup Forming

I’m looking to form a meetup in my area of the Southeastern US. The closest ones listed on are currently in Atlanta and Washington D.C. (several hours drive away). My state is pretty big so I am 2+ hours from cities like Charlotte, Asheville, and Wilmington. I am near Chapel Hill so within an hour of the Triad (largest city Greensboro) and the Triangle (largest city Raleigh). I’m looking to do some online meetups now with in-person events post pandemic. Let me know if you happen to be in my region or know someone who might be interested.

The plan is to create a group and do some other local advertising to find at least one other co-organizer and then schedule an online meetup. I’m already in touch with @kerrgreg in Washington D.C. so we might be able to collaborate as well.

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Hey Abraham, just be aware that’s goal was to get people together physically, and you have to trick it into putting up virtual meetings. It has other shortcomings (e.g. changing an event’s details can be unclear to RSVPed guests). In general, I don’t think it is worth the $28/month.

There are people here coming to the same conclusion and work is underway on Holochain-based Coalesce, but not ready for prime time.


Yes, agreed. I’m trying to share a subscription for now to get the marketing benefits of meetup’s current user base. However I certainly hope that Holochain can then fairly quickly replace all these walled gardens of relatively expensive functionality.

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So after our call things started shutting down and I decided not to use Meetup, but I forgot to turn off the reoccurring payment So, I have access to the paid account for another month…how can I add you to the account? I’m not seeing how…

Try this:

  1. From your group’s homepage on click Members .
  2. Click the Three dots button next to the person you want to appoint.
  3. Click Change member role from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select co-organizer
  5. Click Update role to confirm.

That apparently didn’t give me the privileges to start a new group - just everything else within your group. Meetup must have further locked things down. I’m just going to try looking for people elsewhere and manage any future group somewhere else. Thanks though for trying!