Unjustified ban in Telegram

Hi, guys, I’m opening this thread because I find no other way to solve my unjustified ban from Telegram. I joined the community 3-4 weeks ago and then I was suddenly banned from the telegram holotroopers. I wish to know why, since I didn’t say anything offensive, nor wrong. And even if I said, the minimal attitude from the admin is to give a reason.

I really like to keep closer to the community and holochain looks really promising by my eyes.

Best regards

So will I just stayed banned for no reason?

I thought this was a welcoming community and not a community that doesn’t care.

Hi @JohnPNunes, I don’t believe there is any affiliation between this forum and the Holotrooper Telegram channel you are describing.

Hey @JohnPNunes check your DMs!

Holotroopers is an entirely community-run channel – Holo and Holochain do not moderate.

Holo Telegram is an official channel moderated by community admins and there is a small amount of overlap with people managing Forum channels.

The main Holo Telegram channel has been getting spam attacks recently so there are stricter measures and increased use of the Telegram BOT. Apologies to anyone who gets unnecessarily banned– DM me if there is an issue.