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Unity & AR/VR/XR & AMA 37 & Holo on Smartphones

As some may be aware I created HoloNET last year to connect holochain to .net and unity… a world first… because I am building my game and platform Our World on top of holochain… :blush:

TBH I’m surprised it wasnt mentioned in AMA 37? Because it was one of the first projects to be listed on the holochain forum and definitely the first to use Unity game engine… :wink:

I could really do with some help with it so now is a perfect time to jump in… would be really appreciated thanks. :blush:


Out of interest who else is now using unity with hc? I would love to connect and compare notes… are they using HoloNET or something else? Thanks.

Finally I would love to hear if anyone has got it working with Holo so it can also run on a phone? I remember talking about this with @philipbeadle last year and he was going to start experimenting with this… was there any updates on this? :blush:


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