Understanding current progress of the Holochain project

Hi Holochain Community,

I’ve been watching Holochain from afar and am wondering about current progress. Specifically, I have started a project called WorldGraph which I intend to grow into a worldwide, distributed semantic knowledge base. I have seen the h-wiki project, but I have also noticed that there have not been any commits to the project in some time.

What is the current status of your h-wiki project? for WorldGraph, there are two major problems I need to solve: distributed storage and distributed indexing. Storage is needed for obvious reasons, and indexing is needed so content is searchable.

I wonder if you are still interested in this effort, if I may have a short conversation with you to see if there are opportunities to collaborate. Another storage technology I am considering is ceramic.network, which does mutable documents on top of IPFS.


Hi @tamethecomplex,

So with EYSS we haven’t migrated the wiki yet from redux to rsm, this is why there hasn’t been any activity in the repos. it’s a bit unclear when this will happen.

As per the file storage, we already have this module that we are using in different apps:

If you give it a go, let me know if you find any issues with it :slight_smile:

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Just a note to say I’ve a thread I started a while back to collate information and interest around IEML - Information Economy Meta Language.

Not sure if you know of it but sounds related so thought you might be interested, feel free to post a link to your project to that thread if you see a link, the more the merrier!

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Hey guillemcordoba, looks great, I’ll give it a try.

Question about roadmap… has the holochain team discussed the possibility of introducing a database abstraction on top of file storage? So for example, a simple document database with collections and enforcement of schemas (for example using JSON-schema).

I’m using is-threaddb from textile currently… it’s a local first database with a mongo type interface and syncs to textile. Would be very accessible to have something similar for holochain app development.

Hi stephen, sounds super cool… like a higher abstraction of language. I had a similar idea… that more abstract language could be “projected” into more concrete forms on demand, to display the info in a variety of ways and languages.

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Well actually holochain is oriented primarily to build graph database like data structures. The file-storage module has file storage built on top of these abstractions.

Another interesting approach built on top of the raw Holochain abstractions is peer-share that @hedayat is building in holochain-in-action, which adds a lot of flexibility to the shape of the data.

If you want to dive deeper on the technical, I recommend going through the Gym developer interactions (if you want to save time and not do the developer exercises) to really grasp the primitives that Holochain offers.