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UI from the scratch - WebComponent, Lit, Typescript, Webpack- Part 1 - Holochain in Action 14

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:46 Demo
00:04:34 Create root folder (outlet-layer)
00:05:41 initialize project and installing required packages
00:09:21 webpack.config.js
00:13:01 tsconfig.json
00:15:49 up and run webpack & typescript 0018:27 webpack-dev-server
00:21:45 webpack watcher and concurrently
00:29:17 Mazer Dashboard Demo
00:33:48 WebComponent & Lit Explained
00:38:24 devDependencies vs dependencies
00:43:03 BaseComponent explanation and implementation
00:47:03 SidebarNavi component, first component debug and run
00:57:44 Web-Component Shadow Root & Global CSS, createRenderRoot in Lit
01:07:23 Header Components
01:11:27 What is next?

Thanks to @guillemcordoba and @jost.schulte

These sessions are mostly suitable for programmers and designers, so if you would like to participate you need to fill-out this application in advance.

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