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UI for beginners

Hi all -

I have a basic hApp mostly working.
I’m interested to find out a good path for developing a front end for it - I don’t care if it looks amazing, but what is the quickest and easiest path to building some kind of UI for my holochain app?
Are there some good examples I can learn from?

Thanks a lot - alex.

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Not sure about good examples or best way, but I’ve been really enjoying working with Svelte lately. It’s super beginner friendly, very lightweight, and quite intuitive.

thanks! I remember someone else talking about Svelte recently, but I didn’t check it out yet. The introduction examples are indeed very intuitive :+1:

if anyone also has some general examples of connecting a UI to the hApp, I’d be really grateful. thanks!

You can find examples of UIs connecting to backends here in profiles, files storage, calendar events.

I am developing everything using lit.dev to be able to export those modules everywhere.


As examples, I made a simple Terminal User Interface for my happ here
And also a minimalist web interface with just webcomponents here

Code is still a bit messy, but pretty straightforward to understand.


Hey thank you @guillem and @ddd-mtl for your suggestions, I will check them out in more detail.

@ddd-mtl the snap-mail cli is super cool, it reminds me of the good old days using lynx to browse the web! Very nice.