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Try the new tutorial "How to call your hApp", a companion to "how to build"

For folks who have found the happ-build-tutorial (previously holochain-dna-build-tutorial) helpful, there is a minor new update to it thanks to the “documentation drive” efforts! (There’s lots more to share later)

We’ve published a new companion guide and repository, that picks up where the first left off (or the other way around?) and discusses what to do to call your running hApp, and make “Zome calls”.

The new tutorial repo currently has a code sample in Rust, but will soon have Typescript too. The concepts and learning are still applicable either way, if you’ve struggled at all with how to actually call your hApp (which I have heard people have).
Here’s the new tutorial and code example, please let us know how it goes, file issues, and any feedback welcome!

You can see the diff on “how to build” here: Comparing pre-documentation-drive...post-documentation-drive · holochain/happ-build-tutorial · GitHub