Trust Network

Hi folks,

Here’s something I’m interested in creating. Looking for collaborators!

The idea is to make human trust into a kind of reputation currency. Enable members of a community to express who they trust and for what specific purposes, so this information becomes visible across a Trust Network.

Rather than a self-contained application, it can be thought of as a micro-service or “widget” that can plug into any dApp in which users have their own continuous identity and public profile.

It’s about taking this vital human capacity we possess to trust one another and multiplying its reach and potency. Users of a Trust Network should recognise that having high levels of trust helps them to actively participate in their community. Every time they add their voice to a discussion, attend a meet-up or collaborate on a new project, their visible reputation as a trusted member of the community will add substance to their contributions and jump-start relationships with people they have never met. By building up trust in their chosen areas of responsibility, people will be empowered to contribute their knowledge, skills and experience. And once people recognise the value in being highly trusted, they will have additional motivation to act in cooperative and pro-social ways in order to gain and maintain the trust of their peers.

Read a full description here: Trust Network: let’s bring our human trust connections into the digital age | by Paul Sabin | Aug, 2022 | Medium


Exciting stuff!

I don’t have the time or skill to be of much use for this project but it bears a lot of resemblance to what I heard Brad DeGraf is doing with NAOs

I learned about his project in this very interesting session over at the Stoa: Emerging Projects in Public Sensemaking w/ Daniel Schmachtenberger - YouTube

There, Daniel mentioned the Idea of starting a “Builders Guild” of people helping each other working on projects with this kind of scope. Since the HoloChain community is already doing something along these lines I thought it might be fertile ground to plant that seed in. :slight_smile:


Hi Paul.

I like the thought you’ve put into this. Trust/reputation are essential elements of collective coordination.

I’m no expert here but I do know that many are thinking about this and there is much to be learned. Have you done a survey of others in this space? For instance I know that Michael Hueschen with Neighbourhoods is building a reputation primitive that they call RepLang. Also lots of work being done by Harlan T Wood at

Too often I see great work being done in silos that could be so much more powerful if connected. I like to try and connect those silos.

Good luck!