Transitioning from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 technologies!

We make the transition from internet 2.0 to internet 3.0 as easy as publishing a book.

We have created the only RAD SaaS (Rapid App Development Software as a Service) Platform that makes minting Tokens, NFTs, Collections, Crowdfunds, ICOs, Staking as simple as publishing a Blog Post. The Software is Point-Click, Drag-and-Drop, putting each User just 2-3 clicks away from anything and everything they need to thrive within the Web 3.0 space/Metaverse.

We use blockchain technologies to protect your data and will be a platform to keep your content within your domain safe from Big Tech, surveillance AI, and other free enterprise pirates.

(Should I post the link here, or how do we chat about the platforms that we have created/built?)

Maybe you can write out the link like

“Facebook dot com slash profile”?

The website is App Designer Pro dot com and what we would like to do is incorporate holochain technologies into our solutions.

Would love to get feedback from the community with their thoughts/ideas and possibly meet to discuss.


That takes me to what looks like a Chinese website. Is that the right one?

haha - no. I have development on the mind.

It is App Designer Pro dot com

Would anyone like to do a discovery call to learn more about our platform? Would love to hear people’s ideas/thoughts.


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Sure, I’d like to try it first. Is the app not live for Android?

Yes it is on the Android play store.