Tokenswap planned

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I have saved Holochain on my ledger (ERC-20 account) and to be sure not losing my tokens via a swap or the like. I was wondering if there has been a swap lately or is there a swap planned for the near future?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Please have a look at last AMA with Mary. Let me know what you understand about the token swap. What shall it include for HOT holders? I understood there will be a 6 month deadline to swap 1:1 with holofuel. After that only certified Hosts will be able to swap there Holofuel back to HOT token. What will happen to the people that keep there HOT token after that swap deadline? Thank you.

Thanks for your message. But if I understood correctly, there has been no swap lately? and there is one planned for the upcoming weeks/months but still testing on the moment?

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