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Ticketing system as basis to create an exchange for more than just tickets to shows


New here. I work in a Theatre company and the system to issue tickets, their bindings and the management of them has been a nightmare. Especially during COVID. A lot of the automation was thrown out due to old Databases and old application.

Coming from a Share Trading broker experience, I can see a lot of similarities between a ticket and a tradable asset. The difference is that the ticket is bound to a physical seat.

Either way, looking at Holochain, the Agent centric model can work where one company can be an issuer of tickets, this is then broadcasted out to other nodes in the network with the correct and approved public key. If they are provided a private key, it means they have the authority to sell.

Say you have a Theatre company and a Football team both selling tickets to two very different games/event. But there is a correlation of customers because say the Football star loves theatre and encourages everyone to watch a particular show.

Say there is 5 Ticket selling companies that are great at marketing and social media…etc

Now the Theatre company and the Football team would need to figure out which of the 5 ticket selling companies out of 30 that are in the market, would best sell them. Right now they have to fix an allocation and negotiate.

If Holochain is used as a market, all 5 authorised ticket sellers can tap into the same pool of available tickets without having the Theatre and Football team fix set allocations. This is good if 1 of the ticket sellers does better than the other one. They simply pick it out from the market automatically.

And since this is on the network, the 25 other non-authorised sellers may contact the Theatre and Football team to ask for allocations as well. The Theatre company then can allocate the left overs.

That’s the goal.

Say some users want to exchange tickets or refund them, they can sell it to the network. A ticket seller or a user may pick it up under a cheaper price or heavier price. Either way the transaction is taxed for the Issuer of the asset.

Just seeing if anyone is also keen on a ticket distribution network?

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Just dropping in quick to link to this:

yes we are putting together a dev team to build a platform to create multiple “current-sees” and NFTs (non-fungible tokens)