Holochain Forum

There are updates, just haven't been here (yet)

Hi all. You WILL find my colleague Simon and our mate Alfredo asking the tough questions in the Technical Discussions, but a lot of our company and progress stuff has been elsewhere. As we tool up and make some of our code open source, it would make sense to update here.

In the meantime, please give us a follow on Twitter at @redgrid_io.
You will find updates on our progress on Telegram at https://t.me/redgrid.

I think we are on Facebook as well, but I personally am not (and really, you shouldn’t be either). Bring on the Holochain equivalent!

I’m on the forum if you do want to ask questions here :+1:



Mike, I would love an opportunity to jump on a call. Whats app: 12024174165 Skype: kerrgreg1

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