The Justice League Academy / Your2ndChance - Training Platform (similar to LEAP From DevCamp)

Greetings Friends,

We have pleasure to announce we plan to build a new training platform on top of the OASIS API/Holochain:

It will be similar to the LEAP training platform developed in the 2 recent Dev Camps, except this will be more evolved and will integrate the avatar/karma system from the OASIS API. Students will be able to level up their avatar and gain badges/rewards as they proceed through the training modules…

We have lots of other exciting features… :slight_smile:

We have envisioned these training courses since way back in 2013, read more below:

The NextGen Developer Training Programme:

The JUNIOR NextGen Developer Training Programme:

The course is open to everyone regardless of background and skill level. We want to help the people the world has forgotten and left behind, we want to help them believe in themselves again. We believe in them and we believe everyone has a gift for the world and we will help them find theirs…

Unlike other training courses where they work on dumby apps that are thrown away, they will work on real-world applications that will help the world such as Our World. So they will feel engaged and fulfilled from day 1. They can work at their own pace from home and fit it around their life, not the other way round. The training courses will teach latest cutting edge programming techniques, languages and tools such as C#, Unity, Blockchain and especially Holochain.

The courses will also include meditation, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition & holistic practices so they can live a healthy balanced lifestyle. We will show that when the coding is balanced with these practices they learn and work much more effectively.

People will earn karna and unlock special rewards/badges for completing modules, which will then level up their avatar within Our World unlocking special abilities and superpowers such as flight, teleportation, telekeneis etc.

People are also open to contribute learning materials, for which they will also earn karma and rewards/badges for, even more than what you earn for just taking a module.

This is a open training platform for EVERYONE!

More info is also on our main websites:

Soon we will be launching two new sites to re-brand the training courses:

The Justice League Academy - (as in I SEE YOU) - This will be mostly aimed for kids but also adults who are into their superhero films, etc! :slight_smile:

Your 2nd Chance - (as in I SEE YOU) - This will be aimed at everyone else, especially those who have been looking for their 2nd chance… THIS IS IT! :wink:

We would really love to get some help with this very noble project… Thank you. :slight_smile:

In Love, Light & Hope,
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New Justice League Academy site now LIVE here:

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truly amazing. keep up the great work :+1:

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New Justice League Academy site now LIVE here: