The Business Course Cohort 3

Wanting to connect with fellow Business Course peeps, hoping to connect and continue the good work in between weeks. Not sure if there is another thread about this, if so can someone point me there?

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Me too!

Haven’t seen another post about this but to be honest this forum software confuses me - I set notifications to email me but it doesn’t so I’ve been coming back to check for new posts. I’ve just set it to “mailing list mode” so apparently I should get emails of all posts which will be fun, we’ll see.

Not sure how best to catch up, via Zoom I guess. I’m up for connecting direct and/or having more scheduled zooms at other times in the week, going to drop in on the one tomorrow Bear is holding from 3.30pm.

Also having a lot of value out of extending my timeline on the last exercise we did, I felt that one is the most useful for me so far as whilst I’ve mapped my work/education career ups and downs I haven’t attached ‘fight’ ‘flight’ and ‘freeze’ to them before. I was determined this time round to figure out why I self-sabotaged every time it seemed to be going good and from the looks of it it’s simply lack of belief / worthiness - and nothing actually wrong [edit: needs work]. I’m working on that as I believe it’s a lot to do with attachment theory, hereditary trauma, and something that’s “not me”.

Just this week started Irene Lyon’s 12 week programme along with 492 other people which goes to address these issues via things like somatic healing and meanwhile trying to yet again rebuild things up, this time with a firmer foundation, cos I rock!!! And you do too, etc. etc. lol :wink:

That’s my rant over… happy to share and collaborate, is easiest way to ensure I actually see any communications!