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Thanks For Hammering Holochain

Two weeks ago we wrapped up our first public test of Holochain + the Holo hosting infrastructure, and in my opinion, it went wonderfully. For those of you who weren’t involved, we used a proof-of-concept app called Elemental Chat to collect insights on what was and wasn’t working. Five thousand of you signed up and eagerly attacked it, sending each other about 30,000 messages in English, Turkish, Dutch, French, Greek, and other languages.

Read Article: https://blog.holochain.org/thanks-for-hammering-holochain/

Thanks for the update, so exciting!

Gutted I missed out - been looking after my father for the last couple of months as he’s been in and out of hospital then his partner passed away so he’s understandably mega-depressed :frowning:

Also I missed the last two devcamp sessions - my sister’s been looking after him this week so just catching up but he’s back tomorrow so want to catch up on those two session videos today then back to being cook/cleaner/life coach for the elderly!

So that’s my update :wink: But I do have a shiny new laptop so hopefully less compatibility issues and faster build times FTW!