Swap Date(s)?

I’m sorry, this is probably the nth one of these. The swap dates, is this known yet?

The 6 month window makes one not want to miss out on this. Granted, there’s the ability to swap in the future; however, I’d like to do the swap myself and all.

Hello @jflowers

What swapping are you referring to?

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I was thinking about the HOT → FUEL ( basically from the erc20 to the native coin. ) Thanks, :slight_smile:

Hey @jflowers,

Gotcha. We don’t have swap dates yet. When we do, we’ll announce it publicly for sure.



So this is still on the roadmap. I’ve read that it was, then wasn’t, etc… The six month aspect is a bit, well… you know. Any plans just to do a snapshot and automatically pull everyone into the new coin ( then have a tool that would allow access. )

For example, I’m sure a lot of folks have their tokens presently on a hardware wallet. And I’m sure that the client software will allow for hardware wallets. Why not just have this done in one - without the need to explicitly swap? For example, I download the native client, it asks if I have tokens and then allows me to ‘unlock’/migrate then and there. Just wondering - might also decrease overall confusion and questions going forward.

You’re welcome @jflowers.

More details coming soon in the next couple weeks-

Hi @jflowers,

HOT will be swappable at the HoloFuel Reserve upon the Beta launch of the Holo platform. HOT will continue to exist during full operations of Holo because it is a bridge into HoloFuel from the crypto markets. That is - it is the way that Publishers will purchase HoloFuel using crypto - which is what they will use to pay for hosting on the Holo network.

Hot holders will have the ability to swap HOT for HoloFuel 1:1 upon launch and then after a minimum of 6 months, the price of HoloFuel will be dynamically based on the hosting marketplace. The HoloFuel reserve aggregates the Host behaviours and preferences to provide price discovery and this will evolve to eventually work dynamically across multiple currency reserves that will be operated by Holo.

The swap process is inherently something that HOT holders must initiate and do independently as our systems assumes full agency of the participants.

Hope that is helpful.

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Thanks for this.

Regarding the announcement of this, how will this look like? I’m asking as I really don’t want to miss the window, and for some projects - I have do to my not being as up to date as I ought to be.

Also, could the window be extended even or just don’t have a window at all?