State of Holochain project for real-world use (local currency based on mutual credit)

Hi there!
I’ve read a lot about Holochain and also about mutual credit (also on this forum) and am really pleased to see so much knowledge about the subject here in the Holochain community. In my region, we have a concrete project of starting a local currency based on mutual credit, for which we are searching for a technical solution.
Our goals are pretty simple:

  • people should be able to exchange currency with a simple mobile app (iOS and Android). Paying and getting confirmations should only take a few seconds.
  • we would like a system than can hopefully have 10’000+ agents.
  • the system as a whole should be stable if we want to be able to enroll companies in it
  • we would like to have a kind of transaction fee that sends a small amount of currency to a local association
  • credit limit should be flexible (is the HoloFuel algorithm thing documented somewhere? I find it very interesting), automatic or somehow centrally controlled
  • we would like to roll out in 2023
  • it’s ok if it still needs some kind of centralization

I understand that everything is or will be possible with Holochain, but it’s not really clear to me if realizing such a project is feasible now or if it will take 10 more years.

Examples of similar projects are welcome, I saw GitHub - holochain-open-dev/community-mutual-credit but it’s archived.
At the moment, we are not really interested in other economic systems. We feel that a “simple” mutual credit system is a good next step for raising awareness about “money” and starting a more resilient economic system.

Thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

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The first project that pops to mind is See if that might be a fit for you.