State dump and verbose debugging

Hey there!
I’ve been having fun developing with Holochain and I find it a really neat project! However, one of the gripes I have with it regards debugging.

I shall take the Simple Micro Blog tutorial as an example. Every time I run the
hc run --networked sim2h --agent-name Alice --port 8888 command, the state_dump flag always reverts back to true, even if I previously set it at false (I got this information from Holochain’s Blog).
Is there any way that I can run this command and not have the state being dumped? It gets hard to track since the output is so verbose.

Speaking of which, and not referring strictly to Tryorama, how can I reduce the logging to simply have the output from hdk::debug(format!("")) code lines and nothing else? Is this possible?

Sorry for disturbing and thank you for your attention!