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I’ve tried developing Holochain app ~2 years ago or so, just when it was about to start using Rust … so I have some overall idea …

When I look now at the docs they seem scattered ! And I don’t know where to start from …

Should I understand the the current version is Holochain RSM ?

What is the starting point to make Hello world hApp ? (if i have Rust setup already)

To test run the app, do we have a docker image as in the past OR the “system” is now part of the dev tools ?

Anything else I should know to start ?

Is there generator of bare bone app ? CRUD anyone !


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these are great questions, @guillemcordoba this part is confusing:

i want to start building zomes. we are still using hc generate? please point me to the best place to get started connecting to the conductor. many thanks!

is there simply no video tutorial for new developers? would be great to have a walkthrough of some sort, I find it difficult to follow the current guide…

@carolyn please advise :pray: need help on both Mac and PC

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It seems I have to check again in ~2 years again :wink:

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Hi @raptor!

So yeah everything is right now under heavy construction as far as documentation and tooling goes, but the technology itself is miles ahead from that.

Maybe you want to give the holochain-gym a chance? It’s just beginning but should be a good point to start. And we wanna receive feedback, so if you do try it out let us know if we are too far off.

See you around!

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