Starting to map out some design patterns --- please review and contribute!

Hello all. I’ve started to flesh out the #learning-library:design-patterns category, because I find our conversations often bring up recurring themes that may have general patterns. I invite you to:

  • Critique my writing style — am I clear enough?
  • Critique the patterns themselves
  • Edit the patterns
  • Comment on them
  • Contribute use cases
  • Contribute patterns of your own!

So far I’ve mapped out a few patterns for access control, authorisation, and asynchronous messaging. Would love to see more!

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@maackle @philipbeadle @thedavidmeister @wollum I’d especially love your contributions — I might be totally off-base with some of these patterns. I know that in particular Art has a specific thing he means by Progenitor, and he still hasn’t shared with me what that is :sweat_smile: And of course I’d love to see the patterns you’re dreaming up!

(of course this doesn’t take precedence over any of your core accountabilities; don’t let me pull you away from them)

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Link to the Design Patterns section.

These are great, Paul, and timely. A cookbook.

I am also on the lookout for a “biomimicry software design methodology”, which is basically how do you steer evolution / emergent behaviour… sim has created an energy grid resilience simulation using

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I want to send you a cat pic…pure love :heart:

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