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Sport-Sharing: Lisbon Hackathon 2020

Welcome to the distributed Sport-Sharing project,

this thread is meant to combine all the ressources which have been made during the Hackathon in Lisbon 2020.

For a full description of the project please visit: https://github.com/p2b-hub/Sport-Sharing/blob/master/README.md

Project Team Lisbon:

  1. Karl: karl.maier.at@gmail.com - Community Organizer / Project Mentor
  2. James: johan.graner@protonmail.com - Frontendish Developer
  3. Toby: tobi.gutsche@gmail.com - Marketing
  4. Georg: Backendish Developer
  5. Victor: zaunders@gmail.com Community Organizer / Backend Consulting
  6. Loic: Community Organizer / Functionality Consulting

Come and join us in creating the next distributed application enabled by Holochain. If you want to help please contact me.