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SPARQL in Holochain

So after looking into holochain, and the data structure for links these are basically RDF, so can SPARQL be used on them?
Has anybody looked into this? I can’t find any reference to RDF triples or SPARQL in any holochain documentation or mattermost.

Have you looked into SPARQL for HoloREA @pospi?

Not in any great detail, but I did have a brief look in the context of using Holochain to implement Solid pubs (outcome there was that we merely need lower-level access to the conductor HTTP gateway to respond to standard HTTP verbs).

The other part is compiling a SPARQL query engine into an app DNA, which just depends on how much Rust has matured in this area. It looks like the rdf crate has some basics for parsing RDF documents but not much for SPARQL syntax, though it seems like it’s planned. Not much else other than some WIP attempts seems to exist.

So, though the basics of storing Turtle files and using RDF to parse them looks like it’s achievable with what’s available now; unless there are some good SPARQL libs out there full support for this is likely a ways off.