Space Invaders Game

We are working on Space Invaders game and we are now opening what we have so far to the public and to those that will like to contribute.

The repo is here:

This is a quick video of the game:

We currently have the front and back end working and the user can play a game, the bits we need to build on top of it are:

  • Do different levels, just increase the speed in which aliens comes down
  • Keep a count over every alien hit, every shot made and shot %
  • Have a score table for different players with total score and % shot

Anyone that would like to contribute is welcome.

Thank you


That’s amazing! Well done:) can we play in the meantime on this version?

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Yes you can, you should be able to run the code locally and play. There is 1 level only for now, we are working to get more done. Let us know if you need help.

Hey @eduardo.moreira I discovered this repo in your GitHub org last week; looks cool. What’s the component that Holochain brings – the scoreboard?

Correct, we would like to use holochain for:

  • Personal scoreboard
  • league table (Global)
  • and we would like to create a gamer profile, so you can switch between games and take your game history, scoreboard, etc with you

Any suggestions, are more than welcome

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