Software Licensing Management

Using the distributed ledger for software license management seems like a good fit. Whether the application is local subscription, web based, or perpetual, a protocol for the management is required. Large enterprises could employ a holo node of their own for management of all their software, which would allow the IT department a level of control and security supervision that is lacking in present applications.
Stand alone licenses could be maintained by a 3rd party on the holochain.
I am not proficient in being able to take on a project like this by myself, but I do work for a software developer. Feedback would be beneficial to be able to take this idea to company management.

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I had similar thoughts too, even before I knew about Holochain.

I was frustrated about the idea of purchasing a movie on Amazon Video and then being stuck in that platform. What if I wanted to migrate my library to Apple or similar?

Its the same with music or books. All too quickly one gets stuck in one particlular ecosystem.

It would be amazing if we had one Holochain for licensing. And no matter what software I use to access my library of content (software, movies, music, books), those licenses are linked to me.

I could even transfer such a license - temporarily or permanently.

Or one could imagine a scenario, where I rent a movie for 24h for a few bucks. If I rent the same movie repeatedly, after I reach the purchase prize in accumulated rental fees, I automatically get the license…

A lot is possible. Would love to see such a system!


@Adventure35 sounds like an interesting application, and transparently portable licenses would certainly be an improvement over what we have now. Do you have any specific concerns that you’d like us to give feedback on, or just general opinions on whether Holochain is good for this sort of thing?