Smart contract


Will holochain ever support smart contracts?


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@Cossoft–I’m not a developer nor an official Holochain team member, however I’ve been attending the developer meetings and reading the Holochain Guidebook in a series of Twitter/Periscope posts. So, I want to answer your question, but we can seek the expertise of someone with more indoctrination to verify my response.

In the blockchain lexicon “smart contracts” refers to a set of coded rules that govern activities. In short, if someone does X then Y will happen. Under Holochain construction the rules are set and governed by a grouping of functions called “zomes” short for “chromosomes” that make up the DNA of a Holochain app. These DNAs can be grouped and can interact with each other using clever app construction that create membranes and permissions across DNAs. For example-- I can make an membrane that dictates a user must satisfy requirements in a different membrane/app to gain access to my membrane/app, something like; earning network status in a Holochain learning app before you can gain access to a separate app that builds Holochain apps (its all so very meta!).

I hope this helps—it really helped me to map out this logic, so thank you for the opportunity to learn and improve! …and Welcome to the Community!


Hi @kerrgreg,

So if i understood well, we can create a set of zomes functions to make automatic proceses. Right? We need to create an DAO, thats why we need for.

What about the state of execution for a SC? How nodes are informed about this?

Thanks again.