Small-world networks

I don’t have much of clue what I’m talking about, but apparently the brain acts similarly to a small-world network, making it very efficient while also very resilient. Just throwing it out there, I just haven’t heard much about the biomimetics of the networking protocol itself

Huh, interesting — the DHT’s network topology is very small-network; edges are most dense among neighbours, and there are a few global edges connecting opposite sides of the DHT. That doesn’t necessarily map to geographic or human neighbourliness, though, and I would love to see a DHT design that takes that into account too! On the one hand, it could capitalise on existing trust relationships; on the other hand, it’d make collusion and eclipse attacks easier. Trade-off, I guess!

RedGrid will definitely have to deal with this. Milestone today as we nailed down the MVP including minigrid and suburb level


@mikeg Do share, if you have the time and clearance! Sounds very interesting… you folks are doing the very sort of thing I hoped people would do with Holochain.

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Thanks, Paul. Will do, although that was hot off the press (like, six hours ago), and we will be having follow-on sessions. But definitely want to bring the community along for the journey 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️