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Small bug in "Hello GUI" tutorial

I got an error message at command: python -m SimpleHTTPServer!
No module named SimpleHttpServer

It´s because I am using Python 3 the module “SimpleHTTPServer” has been replaced by “http.server”, at least in Windows.

The command: python -m http.server works perfectly.

Yep I believe this is the difference between python2 and python3. I will update the tutorials to reflect this.
Thanks for the find.

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Your welcome!
But anyway, I have a strange problem: I can´t access the
I started the python -m http.server 8000 in the /core_concepts/gui directory where the index.html is. The python server is running, but anyway, I can´t access the website in the browser. It looks like it´s a AV/Firewall problem.

I tried many possibilities (localhost, or my own ip), but nothing helped so far. I also tried to shut down my firewall, just for testing, but it also didn´t worked.

Sorry for asking so many questions, but I hope somebody have an idea?!

Hmm this is very strange.
You could try a different server. Any server would do. For example https://www.npmjs.com/package/http-server

I could find out now, that when I run the python server outside of nix-shell it works perfectly!

But on nix-shell, the server is running, but I can´t access localhost:8000…?

I have no idea why? Maybe it has something to do with Nix or Vagrant?
The other server, which you offered me, I couldn´t install…permissions denied! :frowning:
I will continue to try to fix…

Hm, strange. I can´t run python http.server on vagrant?! …Maybe something with my Vagrant installation went wrong?! I think I should be able to see my project files (like …/holochain/core_projects/gui/index.html) also on the synced file on my computer, right?!

When I installed Vagrant, I created a new file called /holochain-vagrant and that is my synced file, where also my Vagrantfile is!

But when I leave vagrant, I don´t find my project files in the /holochain-vagrant file?!?!

Do you know, what I made wrong or better, how can I fix it? :slight_smile: