Simple 'Find My Friends' location sharing

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Yes this would be great and is also part of what I am building in Our World… :grin:

A person’s avatar is placed on the 3d map at their current geo location.

Be good if we could collaborate?

I noticed there is no code yet in your repo? Were you planning on adding any or is this simply a placeholder?

It’s a placeholder. I’ve just been opening a new repo when I think of a good idea. I think this one would be fairly achievable and very useful across many apps. Great one to learn how to treat apps as microservices.

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To me the most exciting thing is thinking about the data structures necessary to support this sort of thing. For instance, if you want your location to be world-viewable, how do others search for people near them? I’m thinking of a btree-like division of the world’s surface, with each successively smaller tile getting its own anchor. Possibly using something similar to the Collections zome