Share your favourite tools!

There are a lot of tools that aren’t directly built for Holochain but can help us out as we develop apps. Please share the ones you like the most! I’ll start with a few that I’ve seen:

  • Storybook, a tool for cataloguing and prototyping UI components for React, Vue, and Angular.
  • Socket Wrench, a GUI for talking to a WebSocket server (kind of like Postman is for HTTP). You can use this to talk to a running conductor or one of its instances.
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Simple but effective:

  • z - jump around, forget remembering the paths of your files, this tool remembers common places you cd to and lets you z(ip) to them real fast.
1 Like - Great tool for keeping track of personal and team tasks. - not exactly a tool, but a website to see what tools other people and organizations are using.

Notion all-in-one personal and collaborative notetaking and organisation