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This is a thread for responses to the NextNet Series of articles by @artbrock and @joshmzemel. Please share any action you’re inspired to take or any ideas that you have after learning about unenclosable carriers such as Holochain. If you’re not sure about whether Holochain could be useful in solving a challenge you’re aware of, feel free to phrase your idea as a question!

If you haven’t read the NextNet Series, you can find it here:


Great article Art. I always find your writing and words to be highly inspiring. I made the video below a few months back on Holochain:

I would love to bring you on a new video to discuss all things holochain. Let me know if you are interested and what times work for you.

Thanks for all that you do.


I’m an artist, live streamer and content creator. Steps I’ve been taking to help the movement:

  • reading these articles and others on my live streams and leading discussions about the concepts. I do this on Bigo and found that this is completely new for my viewers. As I’ve been learning, I’ve been sharing with them. Because I’m new to all of this too, it’s like we are all learning together. I’ve been able to at least plant the seed of thought into thousands of minds that trust me and my opinions.
  • content for twitter and tic tok : I screen record videos about Holochain, picking out what speaks to me, add captions and post.)
  • art creation : currently working on a Holochain art piece that I hope to barter for a holoport. I post progress photos and videos. Bringing some light hearted colorful ness to my Holochain content.
  • documentation of my learning : I have a medium account where I keep my notes and share links, thoughts, etc about what I’ve learned.
  • I also just started a hive account, and plan to share my Holochain content there as well. Im excited about this because I feel the people there are most likely to understand the framework.

My approach is about data ownership and freedom of expression. Those things impact my life the most as I am constantly censored on traditional social platforms and have lived below the poverty line my entire life. The unfair distribution of wealth we currently experience is always in my face. Im still fine tuning my messaging but I’ve narrowed it down to that.

But the main thing that attracted me to Holochain is the spiritual element. I instantly understood the concepts because they align with what I believe to be true about the way energy works in the reality we live in. This belief system was formed by my studies of unified physics, which the Holochain framework also aligns with.

Thank you for all of your hard work. I’m here and ready to help the movement!


Watch on #Periscope: Reading of: Unleashing the power of Unenclosable Carriers (and how Holochain Can Help) #holo #holochain




Wow! It looks like you really took the time to learn about Holochain and create a great way of sharing the fruits of your research. I’d be game to be in parts of a new video if you’re put together some questions you think should be answered there.



I loved this series of articles - I think unenclosable is a great term and goes further than “open” (which I have tended to use previously) in describing “open in a way that cannot be closed”. The far-reaching implications of this then motivated and described through easy to understand examples.

I have been reading about copyleft recently and it strikes me there’s a similarity between what we might call the viral and reciprocation-forcing nature of GPL, and the unenclosable-ness of Holochain. The latter is extra cool because it’s “direct” and doesn’t require laws & courts & such to block enclosure.

With COVID, I am increasingly concerned that the shift of many events and outlets online has only further enclosed them in the Web 2.0 / platform capitalist net. It seems likely that precedents are being set for hosting & distribution, and the shackles may be hard to remove later. So the whole concept of unenclosability strikes me as very important in general, but even more so right now with lockdowns and a forced move of many “cultural commons” online.


For context–I build renewable energy infrastructure in Liberia (West Africa) one of the poorest countries on Earth. My logic is that Holochain apps will proliferate faster where the need is greatest and where there is weak competition from established institutions like banks and utility companies.


  1. Holochain generates a pathway for nearly any human to generate and capture value, in other words, Holochain provides easy and near universal access to a modern value asset in computer computation–how do you see this fact impacting impoverished communities? #slumcloud

  2. Holochain’s Green Paper states that Holochain is for people that want to “take control of their data and online relationships,” However, if your digital self is an extension of your physical self, is not owning this digital data a human right? Many countries consider access to information/the Internet as a human right, seeing Holochain as the next evolution of the Internet can we extend this definition to cover Holochain applications? (note of transparency: I’m working with the Leap developers on a simple two step learning hApp that teaches users about their data rights and how these apps can “be a part of this complete breakfast” of a universal basic income.)


can holochain be used to create an alternative unenclosable mobile operating system in order to escape from the grips of ios and android

or can it be involved in the collaboration of current truly open source mobile operating systems like pureOS and /e/?