Serve UI components directly from a DHT

Would also enable drag-and-drop composable/customisable UIs


You don’t know how much I’ve thought about this very thing. Seems like it’s a component of what @AdriaanB is working on (Adriaan, have I got that right? Are you with Collective One and working on the Underscore Protocol?)

Hi @pauldaoust, I am not working on _prtcl. Guillem and Pepo are working on it and I am going to use it in a project. They have a web-component starter kit and could be interesting to have a look at.

@marcus I had a quick look at Svelte and I like it. Nice to have native JS components created on build time instead of runtime. Also great idea to store the components in the DHT. How would this work and what are the possibilities? Would love to learn more!

I was thinking about a pattern to generate JS in Rust and inject it into a page. A bit similar to how Google Analytics does this. This could be handy for hybrid apps. Another idea I am having, but lacking the Rust skills, is to make it possible to read schema and validation from Rust into the front-end and generate forms and client-side validation.

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