Selling holoport +

like new holoport+(no box) never got a chance to set it up. $1500 plus shipping costs. text 9173181273

1500? come on… a brand new is 1100 lol

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Rarity, and “hype” as a by product. This is what you get when you base an open source project on top of closed source hardware. This is not an actual criticism. I dot understand why this is happening.

Then, as an Alpha-Beta tester backer on Indiegogo, I can’t wait for the Holochain to break the proprietary device constraint :tornado:

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Nobody needs to buy a Holoport to use Holochain…

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I get that. But since I can’t wrap my mind around what I could actually do with Holochain as I’m a non-coding individual (beside the casual HTML stuff), I’m more inclined to focus on what I actually know about: hardware.

Then, I’d be very interested in hiring a capable code tutor willing to gently guide me through the steps leading to Holochain fluency, as in setting up a simple app on my own node. I’d pay in HOT, and would be ready to document the endeavour for the benefit of future raving hordes of incompetent twats like me.


Haha, love your spirit. :smiley:

While I am a frontend dev, I’m not well versed enough in Holochain code to guide you, otherwise I’d offer in a heartbeat. However, it’s also totally legitimate to contribute or participate without code, if that’s where your skills, strengths, or interests are. Unless of course you simply want to jump into the code stuff, which is awesome, too!

The best way to do that is probably like you are doing: engaging with the publicly available resources and sharing your experience using them, negative or positive, on this forum. People like @Connoropolous and @guillemcordoba are very friendly and approachable in this respect. Just understand that the speed of engagement on this forum tends away from the immediate… :wink:

Welcome again and hope you’ll have a great time here!


Sure, they are. But I do know they already are really very busy doing lots of very important and serious stuff related to the Holochain, and on a top ten list of important things to do now, my request is probably number 463.

My underlying question is mostly directed at the managerial levels at Holo: Is mobilizing and engaging common Holo “fan base” (I would prefer the word “participants”, but hey, Holo is a privately held corporation selling stuff, not a movement yet) something desirable? This as nothing to do with “hype” management of hodlrs (or maybe it is related). It’s more of a demand for an engagement strategy around a shared vision held by everyone, including people involved at lower levels (ie: non-Holo employees/business partners/core coders).

Youtube interviews by David Atkinson and blog posts by @pauldaoust are truly amazing stuff, really. And I’m sure purchasing a Holoport is a neat way to become a Holo customer and gather more precious but soon to be outdated circuit boards, plastic and aluminum. But that’s mostly a one way alley, from Holo to the rest of us, isn’t it? How about a divided highway, going both directions? This highly technical but unresponsive forum, twitter and the Indiegogo platform, that’s just not good enough. Just someone to talk to would be a great start.

Interested in buying your Holoport. You can message me here or