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SeedShare DNA - seed saving, banking and mutual credit zomes

Team Size: 4 of us

Kiki from UK/Japan
Antonio from US/Italy
Joe from UK
Ed from UK from s33ds.life


The creation of a decentralised seed network & exchange that behaves as regenerative capital. We are looking to develop UI and UX that maps Seed Pods/Hubs and tracks the metrics and measurement of the provenance (origin trails) of local heritage & native plants.

The creation of mini zomes (micro-apps) that talk to each other in the new economic network of regenerative seed currencies that will perform as mutual credit in the food economy:

  1. A zome that behaves as a metric for seed saving and a data-entry point that rewards the agent in a token
  2. A zome that can transfer these credited tokens to another agent’s wallet to purchase more food/seeds
  3. A zome that maps all the other seed savers and agents on a local/global map.

We have already created a website aimed to exhibit Proof of Concept

Similar app or site:

I am at…

Design: Proof of concept, ready to design and develop the hApp

Fund raising: In the process of applying for a Gitcoin grant and fund through the Open Collective.


  • Holochain knowledge: 8
  • Front-End: 6
  • Back-End: 4
  • UI/UX: 9
  • Others: 7


Full-time commitment from Kiki & Ed
Part-time commitment from Antonio & Joe

What do I need:
Rust & non-Rust developers with passionate interest and skills in creating such a microservice architecture using holochain. Any language or experience is welcome!

You will become part of the Hypergroove Collective where you will become a member of the Universal Council and earn the Growers Influence Currency (GIC) for your commitment and service to a higher calling for a regenerative food future. :seedling:


@akikoogawa7 - wonderful initiative and altruistic project - serving the need of mother earth.

Check out Dr. Vandana Shiva’s organization:

Navdanya pioneered the movement of seed saving, which began in response to the crisis of agricultural biodiversity.

If your team is interested and needs help in building connections with India or to onboard fresh graduate as interns. Please reach out.

I would be more than happy to do following:

  • Understand your cause / project requirements
  • Connect or guide - to partners
  • Shortlisting intern candidates if needed
  • Train as per needs of your organization / cause.

Motivation: Giving back to holochain community by facilitating emergence of great organizations.

No Costs. No Favors. No Gifts. No Strings. :slight_smile:


Hi @akikoogawa7, I’m certainly very intrigued. My day job’s pretty intense at the moment, so I’m not presently in a position to make a commitment, but I’d like to follow along with the hope that I might contribute somewhere down the line.

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Hi Joss, thank you for getting in touch. :slight_smile:

feel free to join our telegram for ongoing updates:

We will be having regular technical and experience meetings to move the project forward. We will announce it once we’ve scheduled it.