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Sci-Fi Economics Lab in Brussels 11th November 2019

This is not a specifically Holochain event, it’s put on by the https://edgeryders.eu/ but I thought some of the Holochain crowd (Holochainers? Holos?) might be interested and could contribute some interesting non-sci-fi or at least less-fictional ideas.

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Oh! @lylycarrillo, Michel Bauwens, and others are putting together a Holochain meetup group in Brussels. First dinner event is 15 November, just a few days after this lab! Or check out the post on this forum: Holochain Belgium Dinners

Great association and events. Are you part of the organization? How could we join efforts and organize events together?
Could you come to this dinner meetup? https://www.meetup.com/Holochain-Belgium-Meetup/events/qpxqkryzpbtb/

Thanks a lot @pauldaoust for tagging me here. Very interesting initiative!
I will try to get in touch with the association to collaborate. <3

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