Scam on Holochain Announcement Telegram

An extremely convincing scam just popped up on my screen and I think we need to deal with this as quickly as possible. Abusing the ability for users to automatically be added to channels they are invited to, a fake Holochain Announcements Telegram channel was created, and a phishing link was then distributed using it.

@lucas.tauil I know you made the post about the substack scam last month, I hope I’m doing the right thing by pinging you about this?

Dear @MightyAlex200 Yes! Please always let us know when you find scams. If you also share the channel link we can denounce it as a scam with you and this can speed up Telegram’s ability to take it down. Telegram’s system is very patchy when it comes to curbing wrong doers. Please never trust stuff coming from there, always check our Forums and Official Websites. Really appreciate your eyes in this.
Warm wishes